Youth Education and Sports Inc. is a community based project designed to certify Student-Athletes across the nation. The entry level for beginning the program can start as early as 5 years old with an expected rate of completion by the age of 17 years old or at the completion of their junior year of high school. Certification is awarded upon evaluation of completed  prescribed performance based indicators.


                                                         STRATEGIC PLAN

The certification of student-athletes and the focus on the transition of the student athlete, from elementary, middle, and high school, leading to college, are goals that are intended to promote individual growth.

We ask all of our participants to bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic or performing skills, as related to winning, are secondary to the molding of outstanding citizens. 

                                            COLLABORATION AND SUPPORT

This opportunity to impact  children will  immediately benefit your community. There is needed support from the community at large. Several businesses and community recreation programs have supported our Youth as partners and participants in the Youth Education and Sports Scholastic program through donations and volunteering. Your support is needed to continue meeting the needs of the nations’ youth.